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King Post Walls

King Post walls are a very cost-effective method of earthwork support for temporary or permanent  cases. The main benefits include:

  • Suitable for vibration sensitive scenarios.

  • Practical for most ground conditions with several types of construction methods – open-bore,  cased or CFA techniques.

  • Optimum usage of costly material such as steel.

  • Several type of infill panels ranging from timbers, prestressed concrete panels, steel plates and even  inverted sheet piles.

  • Suitable for restricted access where alternative piling plant will be unable to access.

  • Tight against existing structures.

The principle behind the system is to drive/bore into suitable ground conditions and install a UC beam  at pre-determined centres then use infill material to create the wall. A full design analysis is undertaken  before determining the post size and centres based on the application for the wall and ultimately its  retaining height.

King post 6.JPG
King Post.jpg
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